Runner's Profile - Henry "Buddy" Grills - Triathlete and Cancer Survivor

Buddy began multisport racing at the age of 51. He has always been active in sports, like basketball and racquetball. Not until he was intrigued with the Sri Chinmoy Triathlon Series at Misquamicut Beach, did he delve into multi-sport racing in 1988. He is a testament to what one can accomplish at an age when many feel they have to limit their activity.

His racing resume is impressive:

  • 7 World Championship Events taking him to Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, mexico, Switzerland and Montreal. They include five Triathlons and two Duathlons. His best age group finishes are 13th in the Triathlon in Montreal and 16th in the Duathlon in Spain (which he feels was his best race due to the difficulty).
  • Numerous National Championship Events including winning his age group in the 1999 National Sprint Championship (Triathlon) in New Jersey.
  • Not to mention all the races he had to compete in to qualify for these events. His favorite is the notable first race of the season, St. Anthony's in Florida; he came in 2nd in this Olympic distance race in 1993.
  • 1st place in age group in Miami (1993) and New York (1998) in the Nation-wide US Triathlon Series.
  • 2nd place age group in Florida Sprint Triathlon Series in 1993 with wins at Panama City, Daytona Beach, and Key Biscayne.
  • 1st place age group in Connecticut Triathlon Series in 1996.
  • 3rd place in age group in World Championship Qualifier, Lake Placid, NY in 2002.
  • 2nd place in age group in high profile St. Anthony's Triathlon, St. Petersburg, Florida in 1993.

Buddy GrillsHe trains year round by spending his winters in Florida and summers in Misquamicut Beach, RI. Buddy's regiment is to practice each discipline at least three times a week: swimming 1 mile, running 4-6 miles, and biking on average 30 miles per session. He does not have a specific diet besides staying away from the dreaded saturated fats.

Buddy is also a cancer survivor. At age 64 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Life threw him this obstacle and he dealt with it as he does most things in his life, "try as hard as he can". He feels that his overall good health was the biggest factor in his quick recovery.

With his 65th birthday in July 2002, he is looking to the new age bracket and hoping to qualify for the World Championships in Cancun, Mexico. He feels lucky to have found a way to stay healthy and is always encouraging others to do the same.


Addendum: During the Summer of 2003, Buddy had open heart surgery (see Clem McGrath's Article). He is in full recovery and looking forward to getting back to his racing schedule.

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